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This site uses javascript in its menus. Internet Explorer 6+ will by default block your access to the menus. In order to actually see the top menu, you need do one of the following:

Temporary Fix
(Note: You will have to do this every time you come to the site)
At the top of your browser you will see a bar that looks like this:

Put you mouse cursor on this bar, then click with the RIGHT mouse button. Select "Allow Blocked Content". A box will pop up. Click ok and you are finished.

Permanent Fix
(Note: Once you do this the menus will always work on our site)
At the top of your IE screen, click on tool then go down the menu and click on internet options. A window will open. Click on the tab that says "Security". Your screen will look like this:

Click on the big green checkmark that says "Trusted Sites" Your screen will look like this:

As the image says, make sure the checkmark at the bottom of the page is not checked, then in the top line type in Click on the "Add" button, and you screen will look like this:

Now, click on "OK" on the two little windows that are open, and you are done.

Which ever method you use, your screen should now have the menu on it like this:

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