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How we make a token:

So, you want to know how we make a token? Ok, lets see how it is done.

First, we start with the art. Penny Press makes an original drawing based on your design request, or on what we might suggest for you to use. Here is an example of some original art done by us:

Once the artwork is approved by you, we get a blank die. A blank die looks like this:
Now, we transfer the image to the blank die. Here is a sample of what a finished die looks like
Next, the engraved die is placed in the press. A blank made of whatever material you have chosen is put in the press. Tons of pressure are applied, and the image is transferred to the metal blank from the die. The pressure is released, and the token is removed and ready to ship out to you! Here is a sample of a stuck token:
Note that both sides of a token may be struck, as in the example below:

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